We provide hosted machines solutions for small businesses and enterprises worldwide. With our strategically placed data center in Manchester, we leverage our knowledge and experience to provide the best hosting experience imaginable. A recognised provider in the market of managed dedicated server hosting, private cloud hosting, virtual private data center hosting, and on-demand IT solutions by utilizing new technology and innovation our aim is your ambition.

Our managed cloud and dedicated server hosting solutions are constantly monitored in order to maintain our networks and protect our clients. We also continuously review our security procedures to ensure that we can best protect our systems from new and emerging threats.

Dedicated Servers
You are always in full control of your dedicated server as you have complete Administrator/root access to your servers, can run your own custom scripts, can choose what security policies you put in place, and with a dedicated server you’re not affected by other users’ activity. Our dedicated servers give you the control and reliability you need.

Shared Virtual Server
If you need to host multiple sites, then a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the most cost effective way to go. With a VPS you can host multiple sites, without having to invest in the hardware for running your own standalone, physical server. A virtual private server is a dedicated server that has been divided into separate virtual containers, each containing a virtual server that is private from the others. In terms of functionality a VPS functions exactly the same as any dedicated server but shares server resources with the other VPS on the same server.