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West Midlands based, we provide security solutions including Digital and Analogue cameras, CCTV, intruder alarms and intercom systems for businesses.

Video surveillance originally worked with analog technology only and is known as CCTV or closed circuit television, recording video on videotapes. One of the drawbacks is it was unable to transmit live information in real time, when you monitor a high risk area remotely; you need information on an ongoing basis instead of after the event. In addition, CCTV technology required manual transfer and changing of tapes regularly and did not offer great picture quality.

Digital Dramatically improves surveillance quality
Digital Video surveillance technology has improved dramatically with the introduction of Local Area Networks (LAN) solutions and the widespread use of the Internet. In addition, digital cameras have grown in popularity while charged coupled devices (CCD) technology has taken the place of analog camera tubes.

These changes resulted in both a clear and crisp image that could be easily altered and tracked. In addition, images could easily be transmitted live over the web or in a private secure network for surveillance purposes. This is an ideal scenario for law enforcement.

Digital IP Security Cameras have superseded analogue cameras. This is due in part to the vastly improved quality of images they capture with resolutions of 1080p, also they now use PoE (Power over Ethernet) utilising your network    infrastructure to power each camera on your domain.

Digital IP Cameras have networking technologies built into them which enables them to act as standalone servers that can be logged into directly from any    location worldwide. Under the analogue DVR solution only the DVR offered login capabilities which restricted operators to a single point of reference.

With the vastly improved picture quality of full HD, Digital cameras are now able to clearly display such information as vehicle number plates should an incident need reporting to the authorities. And with the added bonus of PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) available to some cameras your premise can be monitored just about everywhere.


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