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Why buy refurbished IT equipment?

Used IT equipment is a cost-effective way of saving in some cases up to 70% off the cost of buying well-known brands.

For those looking to minimise environmental impact, buying used equipment reduces waste as well as your carbon footprint. You can purchase safe in the knowledge that these assets have are managed securely, compliantly and sustainably.

Open Box

Open Box merchandise are products that have been purchased and delivered to customers, and then returned to the original supplier. The goods are ‘As New’ but must now be sold as Open Box due to packaging seals being removed. There are many reasons why a product is returned, change of requirements, circumstances or suitability. In some cases equipment has had limited use such as powering on, applications.

Refurbished Grade A

Grade A is the very best quality that you could reasonably expect from a refurbished device. These devices are in near-mint condition and will be at an excellent cosmetic level. You may see very minimal amounts of scuffing on the exterior, keyboard and other areas of its design. There could be the typical signs of light usage too e.g. slight marks on the keys and buttons however this is rare in our experience with this grade level.

Refurbished Grade B

Grade B is the second-best quality you can expect from a refurbished device. While refurbished Grade B devices will have been tested thoroughly and are confirmed to be in working order, you will notice some scuffing and scratches and evidence of usage. These devices will not be to the standard of Grade A or Open Box; however, they will be entirely usable.


We also supply NEW equipment too!




HP Laptop


surface pro





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  1. All prices exclude vat.
  2. Collecting it will not save any delivery costs to us/you.
  3. There is no “Office” package. (That’s Word, Excel or Outlook.) but we can sell you one.
  4. We’ve no idea who had it before or if it was used to try and take over the world.
  5. Of course, it works, we wouldn’t sell it otherwise.
  6. Refurbished is not brand spanking new.

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