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Remote support speeds time to repair of end-user devices while reducing or even eliminating travel and related costs.

Getting in touch with support is easy, either call us, email or use our remote support facility above.

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Hosted VOIP Services

Hosted VOIP Services Yealink video

A virtual phone system hosted in the cloud, bringing you the latest call management features.

VOIP offers all the functionality of a traditional office-based phone system, but with the flexibility to do so much more.

Centro Systems Ltd

The premier IT solutions provider in the Midlands our mission is to develop and deliver innovative and cutting edge solutions to our customers; Service is the cornerstone of our business model.
Draytek Authorised Dealer
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As a DrayTek partner and Authorised Dealer, we are well-positioned to offer our clients scalable solutions designed for high performance which are capable of handling the requirements of small, large and complex networks, benefiting from applications including Central Router and Network Management, Remote Access, Firewalling, load-balancing and failover to name but a few.

Speak to one of our DrayTek trained team today and improve your workflow.

Is your office closed? Is your data safe?

Many of us are now Working from Home, which means Backups have never been more critical in ensuring your business is still functioning tomorrow.
Centro Systems Ltd has been providing cloud-based services for over 25 years. And in particular, our Cloud Backup solution Data Ark has proven itself time, and again for our customers who have unfortunately experienced Server, PC and Laptop hard drive failures not to mention Ransomeware attacks. Many of whom had they not benefited from the protection of Data Ark may well have struggled to survive.

Starting from £10.00 per month, Data Ark provides industry-standard encryption and SSL connectivity to our Data Centre storage facility. Backups are incremental on a daily, weekly and Monthly retention cycle.

Request a FREE no-obligation 30 Day trial and ensure your staff’s hard work is protected.

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