We offer quality New equipment built around our excellent relationship with key manufacturers such as Dell and HP to name but a few. Centro Systems Ltd is especially experienced in providing and provisioning Servers of all categories and with our Support Team of Microsoft qualified Engineers, you can have the confidence that your IT infrastructure is safe in our hands.

We want you to be happy and are here to give you guidance on choosing the correct solution for you and your business. The choices can often be overwhelming with the range of top quality brands, shapes, sizes and advances in technology since your last purchase. Whether you want to upgrade or require some assistance in making the correct choices. We are here to help.

Recycle laptops

Open-Box & Refurbished Options

Open-Box Are products that have been purchased and delivered to other customers, and then returned to the original supplier. The goods are ‘As New’ but must now be sold as Open Box due to packaging seals being removed. There are many reasons why a product is returned, The end-user may have changed their requirements or their circumstances may have changed. In some cases equipment has had limited use such as powering on, applications such as web browsers opened and then the equipment has been shutdown. All items are thoroughly checked before being offered for resale. Open-Box products are sold considerably under cost.

Refurbished computers are essentially used equipment that has, where necessary, been professionally repaired and inspected for resale. Many of these units are in fact items that have been replaced under company upgrade schemes or from liquidated stock. With a refurb device, you get a like-new piece of hardware without a like-new price. As a result, you basically get a new product at a significantly discounted rate.

What do the grades mean?

Grade A is the very best quality that you could reasonably expect from a refurbished device. Grade A refurbished devices are in near-mint condition, they will be at an excellent cosmetic level.
With a refurbished Grade A workstation you will see very minimal amounts of scuffing on the case, while a refurbished Grade A laptop will display very minimal amounts of scuffing and marks and the lid, keyboard and other areas of its design. With a Grade A device there could be the typical signs of light usage (e.g. slight marks on the keys and buttons.)

Grade B is the second-best quality you can expect from a refurbished device. While refurbished Grade B devices will have been tested thoroughly and are confirmed to be in working order, you will notice some scuffing and scratches and evidence of usage.