“Backups! Backups! Backups!”

You can never have enough backups. Are you backing up your backups? Yes, we know. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? We all do it, we all have a NAS sitting in the corner holding all of our valuable data “My business relies on those files and folders!” but what happens when your NAS fails? Do you have another 'Current' copy of all your essential files and folders to keep your staff and business working?

“Pfft all my stuff is hosted by Microsoft including SharePoint.”

Did you know Microsoft is not responsible for your data? They certainly do not backup your content, and you're on your own in the event of a failure or an unintended deletion.

Speak to one of the team about our Data Ark cloud backup services. Whether you are looking to backup your PC, Laptop, Server, or QNAP, we've got you covered. And now with our Data Ark for M365 service your critical data has never been more protected.