Web Proxy is a web security, Internet monitoring and Internet access control solution that allows you to block non-work related websites employees browse during work hours protecting users and your organization from being exposed to malicious content. You can enforce your organization’s Internet usage policy by blocking or limiting employee access to social media sites such as;

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Social networking games.
  • Online gambling sites.
  • Adult sites.
  • Instant messenger software (such Facebook Chat, Gtalk, and Yahoo! Messenger).
  • Audio and video streams like YouTube, and similar sites.

Using Web Proxy, you can:

  • Monitor and control employee Internet usage.
  • Allow soft blocking – temporarily overriding blocking policies.
  • Proactively block suspicious websites based on Web Reputation.
  • Run advanced reports on Internet usage.
  • Give managers role-based access to monitor data.

Furthermore, Web Proxy’s reporting interface allows you to get an in-depth view of users’ browsing habits to determine who is breaching Internet Usage Policy, who is using too much bandwidth, or who is creating security risks.