Concept Pro 5MP IP Colour Smart
Deep Learning External Turret Camera

The CVP9316DLCS-IP5M/2.8 model is a professional IP camera designed to provide high quality, full-colour images in demanding external environments. This weather-resistant external turret features a 2.8mm fixed lens with F1.0 super aperture iris, warm light LEDs with 20m illumination range, and can provide crisp 5-megapixel images with excellent colour accuracy. It also comes equipped with a full suite of Deep Learning video analytics features to reduce false alarms, as well as traditional alarm and audio inputs/outputs. This camera is designed for excellent compatibility with the Concept Pro range of network video recorders.

Colour Smart: 24/7 Full-Colour Performance

Combining an Enhanced Low Light image sensor, F1.0 super aperture iris-equipped lens, and built-in warm light LEDs with a 20m illumination range to provide 24/7 colour video monitoring. The image sensor and lens allow for greater light capture in environments with ambient light. When ambient light is not sufficient for superior colour imaging, the built-in warm light LEDs automatically turn on to continue providing excellent video with true colour accuracy. In addition, an intelligent anti-overexposure algorithm is used to automatically adjust supplemental lighting levels depending on the environment and how close moving objects are to the camera, ensuring object details are visible even when moving closer to the camera.

  • Max. 25FPS @ 5MP
  • 2.8mm Fixed Lens
  • F1.0 Super Aperture
  • 24/7 Full-Colour Image
  • 20m Warm Light Illumination
  • Deep Learning Video Analytics
  • Deep Learning Motion Detection
  • Alarm & Audio I/O


Deep Learning Video Analytics

Reduce false motion detection alarms by up to 95% using new Deep Learning technology. Trained with powerful deep learning algorithms, the camera can detect and classify human, car, and bicycles based upon specific line/zone and timing criteria. As a result, false alarms from sources such as lights, animals, foliage, weather, and other objects are effectively filtered and reduced. Additionally, this camera supports Deep Learning Motion Detection with human classification to reduce false alarms on traditional motion detection events.

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