Most if not all your staff is working from home
And hopefully, you have all the equipment they need to carry on working
But do they have the support they need when things go wrong?

Our fully qualified and trained team of technicians have a wide range of experience in all matters relating to IT and associated computer technologies including networks, cloud and security. Utilising the award-winning Zoho Desk support system our team is able to acknowledge your incident report by allocating an incident number, grade the level of severity and respond to your issue promptly and professionally while recording each step on our support portal for you to review or refer back to at a later date in the rare case of a recurrence of your issue.

One of the benefits to your company is the ability to see how many incidents your staff are reporting which enables you to make decisions on equipment replacement, enhancements and or training where required to ensure your business operates at peak performance.

Remote Support Starts from as little as £45.00 per year per PC or Laptop plus we also do escalate levels of support for On-Site Packages too!