Whois coming to visit your business during the holidays?

Whether you’re an SME or large business, our IP/CCTV camera systems can be combined with your existing security system or we can implement a solution that is cost-effective.

IP cameras are more cost-effective than traditional cameras with the advantage of being installed without the need for any additional cabling. Cameras don’t have to rely on any equipment in your premises to record events, as some have the ability to email or record images or pictures off-site, triggered through live stream video pictures or motion detection or both.

With the right cameras, it is also possible to provide a connection through a mobile 3G network, so in the event of internet, system failure your security is not compromised. In theory, a camera can be installed anywhere you choose as long as mains power is available. Consequently, should you have a fire, flood or theft, it doesn’t matter what equipment is damaged, stolen or lost because the evidence is held away from your premises if you have chosen that option.

Some of the Features

  • 2-way audio on selected models
  • Motion detection, face detection on selected models
  • Video recording (local storage, time-lapse, FTP/FTPS, Amazon Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or our very own Data Ark)
  • Remote recordings playback and live view

Talk to one of our Security Colleagues and find out how you can start protecting your business and staff.