Your business has successfully moved from office-based and you've encouraged staff to work from home. You've given them Remote Access to the company Server and provided Hosted VOIP Telephones so that staff do not incur any call charges. You've provided them with a Laptop or Computer to carry on performing their job role but have you ensured their hard work is protected?
Data Ark Cloud Backup
It's a misconception that “Backups are just for Servers!
Any device that holds important data should have a solution in place to recover from such things as corrupted documents, accidental deletions and hardware failures. Centro Systems Ltd is an industry recognised provider of secure, encrypted, cloud backup services that are scalable, flexible and at an affordable price that starts from as little as £10.00 per month.

Data Ark Cloud Backup Pricing

Computer  (OBM Software & License) £65.00 one-off fee, includes installation.

Laptop (ACB Software & License) £65.00 one-off fee, includes installation.

Per Month £10.00 50GB Data Storage (additional storage available, prices on request)