With the UK Government announcement of new restrictions and a second Lockdown on the horizon NOW is the time to ensure you have the right tools for your staff to work from home.
Virtual Private Network is a way for your staff to connect to your place of business securely from home or anywhere else for that matter. With a VPN connection, your staff will be able to access files and folders on your server exactly like they would if they were in the office and with Remote Desktop they can even use all their applications on their PC at work! Think of it as a bit like controlling your computer remotely. Speak to our support team who will be happy to set this up, for a small fee of course.
We provide a Hosted Voice Over IP service, think of it as making phone calls over your Broadband. Because your phone calls, including your telephone number, is Hosted it means you can take your telephone handset home or anywhere that has Broadband capability. You can even download the UC Office app on your mobile and use that just like your office phone to transfer calls to other extensions, put people on hold or even where necessary hold conference calls! Find out more here or simply call us.
Laptops & Computers  
Obviously we can supply brand new hardware but given the goal here is to ensure your business continues to trade in these difficult times, keeping costs down is a top priority. Refurbished equipment is a safe, solid, cost-effective solution to ensuring your staff have the right tools to continue to perform their role within your organisation. We have an extensive Stock List available to download from our website.