5 major benefits of VOIP & CRM/Support integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are a vital tool for businesses to keep track of their interactions with prospects and customers. CRM integrations allow VoIP integration allows you to connect your CRM account with your business phone system and exchange data between the two platforms. Many cloud phone systems offer integrations with popular CRMs such as Salesforce, ZOHO, and ACT! These VoIP CRM integrations offer key data and analytics to your sales, marketing, and support teams within your company.

  1. Real-Time Calling Data Every interaction with a customer offers valuable insight into your business. For sales agents, talking to potential customers on the phone can shed light on what they are looking for, and ultimately close the sale.
  2. Better Customer Experience Support teams can use CRM integrations to see a customer's troubleshooting history and past support tickets. This leads to shorter exchanges, smaller wait times, and higher customer satisfaction.
  3. Analytics Access to CRM reports and sales funnel data helps marketing department’s better assist sales agents in lead capture and conversion.
  4. Increased Efficiency A sales or support agent can use CRM integrations to bypass the menial work of searching for a customer contact page, asking about prior interactions, and finding old tickets, in addition to entering in all the new data. Data manipulation is a distracting and time consuming process. It ultimately slows down agents, leaves room for error, and diminishes the customer experience.
  5. Improved Management Managers have access to key metrics on each individual agent, such as the number of calls taken per day, the number of caller hang ups, the average call time, and the average wait time. Managers can use this CRM data to make improvements with individual agents or with the team as a whole.

VoIP CRM Integrations: Data You Need In today's hyper-information environment, not having the facts can put you behind your competitors. In fact, you could operate at a competitive disadvantage by not having the insightful data that your rivals probably pour over. Why choose a phone system without CRM integrations when there all sorts of CRM integrated phone systems across every price range?

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