Always there when you're not.

With our industry-leading CCTV solutions, your people and premises are always protected.

From design to installation our experienced team will offer you complete support, with post-installation maintenance guaranteeing 24/7 protection for your business.

CCTV has seen incredible advances in recent years, transforming its capability out of all recognition. These advances significantly improve security performance and vastly reduce installation and maintenance costs.

  • Higher resolution cameras with up to 30 megapixel.
  • Wireless networking capability to link cameras to controllers and recording devices.
  • Improved image fidelity as reduced storage costs eliminate the need for compression.
Huge range of quality IP CCTV equipment; ideal for Home, Businessese and Schools. We offer IP Camera Kits with 2MP resolution. View your IP Camera System on your Mobile phone, Tablet and remote PC.


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