Nothing is more important to you than the safety of the people and assets in your facilities. Our goal is to provide peace of mind when it comes to security solutions – the kind of peace of mind that comes from exceptional service.

The surveillance systems we install are carefully vetted for quality, reliability and tailored to the user’s needs. Our consultants guide you through the process in order to optimise the system for your situation, and we utilise the latest IP CCTV technologies.

CCTV has now evolved to become a major aspect of your security
With cameras and monitors working together to enhance access control and provide on-site security. Our systems range from single camera line fed to multi-site applications with fibre optic and microwave transmission and can be integrated into your access control solution.
Technology has improved access control, taking security to another level.

The main purpose of access control remains to allow authorized persons while restricting access to those unauthorized. Technology, however, has helped provide convenience and quick access, as well as, varying levels of security that we are unable to achieve with just a door lock.

Custom-tailored reports based on your specific needs including, date and time ranges, specifically authorized persons, or locations. Reports can also include door status monitoring such as when a door has been forced open or opened for too long. All systems can be managed from your computer at the office or over the Internet from your home office or smartphone.

Find out why thousands trust Centro Systems Ltd for the security of their business.